Just ZOO it...

Emmy's class took the most anticipated field trip of the season this week - The Waco Zoo and Landry, Gigi and I got to tag along. (Radley and junior golf and got to hang out with Uncle Pete).  She really wanted to wear her hair like Miss Brooke, but it wouldn't fit under her cap (that she kept taking off).

We stopped at the usual places...

hung out with favorite teachers...

checked out favorite animals...

and walked with our favorite friends. 

(I love when kids hold hands without being prompted. I looked up to see Riven and Jayden walking hand in hand and my heart skipped a beat. Especially given what mess our world is in these days. Children really are the best teachers.)

The aquarium was a great break from the heat and all of the fishes seemed like they were out to visit everyone. 

The last stop is always the slide through the otters and it gets me every single time. I can hardly stand the cuteness.

Landry was so thankful for Emmy inviting her along and I'm just so thankful they love each other.

Seriously. How did I get so lucky?

We had a fun day with our favorite people! 

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