Red, White and BLUE...

Radley had a sleep over at a friends house on Monday night so it was going to be just me and the girls. After I got a coupon for a FREE pizza from Blue Baker emailed to me I decided that it was a sign for a lady date night! (If you want in on the free fun, join their email list here).

Blue Baker is one of our favorite places to eat in town. Great menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner and something we can all enjoy at a great price! They have two locations and are adding a third in South College Station to which the angels exclaimed HALLELUJAH! (And by angels, I mean my 3 kiddos).

Pro tip: Order your food to go about 15 minutes before you plan to arrive that way it's ready when you get there (and has cooled a bit so kiddos can dig in!)

They thought this was the best night ever and I kind of did, too. I can plan and plan and plan but I'm always reminded that it's these spontaneous moments in life that make a difference.

King Kid Pro tip: Cheetos always go with pizza. 

Besides their great food, we love that Blue Baker began in our community and they support so many others in our area, too. Schools, philanthropies, students - you name it and Blue Baker is right there lending a hand or passing out a delicious cookie.

And if that wasn't enough - they give out FREE FOOD! Yep. Like all the time. The only thing required of you? Be blue. It's that simple! The more blue you are, the more free food you earn. We LOVE this idea and are joining forces with our fellow BCS Bloggers for a patriotic spin on their Blue People. We are challenging YOU to go {Red, White &} BLUE with us!

Color your hair, paint your face, grab a wig - you name it! But remember to  read this before heading up there! We can't wait to see you!!


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    1. Haha - it's basically the perfect combination.

  2. Pizza night is fun fun fun! Your girls are adorable. :)