Tiny Tales Thursday....

Emersyn got to visit the Oil Ranch in Hockley today with her Pre-K class and came home telling me all about it. During one portion of the day they had the opportunity to milk a cow which came with some questions...

Emmy: I milked a cow today.
Me: Oh, that's fun!
Emmy: Why does the milk come from their stomach?
Me: Well, it's not really their stomachs...
Emmy: How do the make milk?
Me: Well, remember when Landry was a baby and I fed Landry?
Emmy: yes...
Me: Well, it's like that. Except we drink their milk too. (And then I went on a tangent about how weird that was).
Emmy: Oh. Well, I think it's weird that its in their stomach.
Me: Well...
Emmy: So tell me HOW they make it again.

So I tried to explain how they eat grass, drink water and then their bodies just know how to make milk. It must have made her happy because she moved on to a new subject...

Emmy: Well, how do pigs make bacon??
Me: Well.... (long pause) they don't really make bacon... they are bacon.
Emmy: Huh?
Me: Well, pigs are bacon. They don't make it - we eat them.
Emmy: Huh??!? We EAT pigs.
Me: Yes.
Emmy: (long pause) But not the babies, right? Because they are cute.

Lord help me when the birds and bees comes up.

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  1. You.crack.me.up! I can visualize this story going doing and I can't help but giggle!