3Stripe gone wild...

We5Kings headed north to Dallas this weekend for one last weekend of summer fun that included the rest of the 3 Stripe crew. These weekends have become something I look forward to all year long and my only regret is that they come just once a year. 

We were all slightly excited about this year's destination... 

And as soon as we got checked in and acquired the proper gear... 

We headed to the water park. And while I would like to tell you that we took non-stop pictures, the truth is, we didn't. I mean, we were at an INDOOR water park - who has time to stop and slow down for some pictures. 

If you are thinking about Great Wolf for a vacation here are some pointers - 

1. Group the kids by sizes - we split up bigs and littles so everyone got to do what they wanted
2. Get there early - the price is kind of high (like I gasped when I saw it) BUT you can use the water park the ENTIRE day of check-in AND check-out. That's kind of amazing. 
3. Bring your own snacks and drinks - totally ok and a great way to save money
4. Try to get a room on the ground floor - we lucked up and had rooms close by each other and got to put the kids to bed but sit outside on the patio and enjoy some wine and beer and fun conversation. And bonus- you can see the fireworks from the Gaylord Texan next door. 

We enjoyed the day so much and let the kids stay up late to enjoy story time in the lobby before heading back to our rooms.

The morning of day 2 was much of the same before we dried off, checked out and headed to the Stantons. 

Which included more swimming! 

(And look who decided to join the swimmer club...)

Once again it was the kind of weekend that reminded me to slow down and give thanks for the friends in my life. I love the stories we tell, I love the ease with which we just fit. I love that there was zero arguments between all these kiddos. (Can I get an amen?!) I love that "the wives" can sit in a garage and sip on margs discussing everything from babies to beer to botox while "the husbands" retell stories of the glory days, play shark in the pool and keep us all together with their wit and charm. I love that I've known them for almost as long as I didn't know them, because that means that soon, they will have been a part of my life longer than they weren't ... and that makes me happy. 

And now this crew includes one more tiny human...  How precious is Saylor? And she was a trooper with all the "helpers" we had around all weekend. 

By Sunday morning, we were all a little tired, a bit more chunky and a whole lot more happy that we got to spend time together. And here's my favorite part - these 3 guys could not be more different. Their stories, their backgrounds, their jobs, their cities, their ... And yet they are so much alike. They make me laugh so much, I love just watching them interact and razz on each other. I love their friendship - their kinship, really. And I love that Ryan let me "in" to this clan of forever. 

It's really crazy how well we all get along - how happy we are to be together - how easy it is to fit. I just don't know how often it happens - and maybe it does happen more than realize; I just know that I am grateful for this family. 

This crew of "kind of cousins" has so many more trips in store...

and a whole lotta a silly to share... 

(and I have no idea where they get it from)

All because three guys started a club.

(That I would like to pause and reflect on how stinking cute it is that grown men still send each other silly texts and inside jokes and refer to themselves as "3Stripe" or "MDI" ... I mean, really.stinking.adorable.) 

And never outgrew each other.

So here's to more weekends ahead - the miles and months may separate us, but they still find their way "home" - with each other....

Which is the perfect place to be. 

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