First day fun...

Today was a big day and with everything checked off the list, they were ready! 

(And adorable if I do say so myself).

Our rad 2nd grader...

Our adorable KINDERGARTNER...

and our lovely preschooler. 

The first stop was to drop off the bigs...my favorite moment may have been in the car when I referenced "Rad's school" and Emersyn reminded me, "It's MY school now, too, Mommy!"

That it is, sweet girl. And my prayers are that this school shelters you, protects you and teaches you so much more than what you read in your books. These hallways may have been crazy today but I hope that these walls support you and serve you and show you just what it means to be part of a community learners. 

I pray that as you enter each new door you are greeted with love and welcomed with care and respect and that you then offer that same care and respect to those you meet. 

Emersyn got settled in quickly and was excited to go find her name at the table. 

We snapped a quick shot with Mrs. Kammerer and I don't know if it was nerves, excitement or habit but Emmy leaned in to give her a kiss and it was just precious.

We all gave her big hugs and lots of kisses and tons and tons of well wishes for that first day.

(Well, all of us except one... can you guess? I think someone was sad that "MY Emmy" wasn't going to be at her school anymore.)

We made our way down the hall, Landry filled with tears at her regret of not giving Emmy a hug like we suggested and found Rad's room. He was compliant and allowed us a few pics and I stole some kisses before he sweetly sent us on our way.

We made our way back to Emmy so that Landry could hug and kiss her goodbye. You would have thought they hadn't seen each other in 10 years instead of 10 minutes. I won't lie, I kind of loved it. Landry adores Emersyn and vice versa. This built-in bestie thing is precious and I'm so thankful that for the most part, our days are filled with giggles instead of arguments. 

We hugged Ryan bye and me and L set off for her school. She was so excited to have the car all to herself. She got to choose the song and sit in Emmy's coveted seat. We walked to her new room and she was more than ready to get started on her year in Sunshine. I love her teachers and I can't wait to watch all that she is going to learn this year. She was extra excited because it was her day to be the leader and any day you get permission to be "in charge" is awesome for a 3 year old. 

(Or any of us). 

I watched the clock and liked approximately 478 pictures on facebook and then it was time pick them up. We stuck with our first day of school tradition with a stop at Sonic and we got an extra treat when the Munsons were able to meet us there! 

And just like that, we are back in the routine. After school stuff, homework, early nights and mornings... we are ready for the year ahead.

I think.


  1. Oh.my.goodness! I love to see how much your kiddos love each other! Brings tears to my eyes!

    1. Me too - it's been fun to have Emmy home with Rad in the afternoons (bc Landry requests a "late pick up". They are now getting so fun bro/sis time!