Beach pics because clearly...

 After our big dolphin watching adventure, we took the kids down the beach one more time for some pics. The sun was a little too bright, the beach was a little too crowded and the kiddos were a little too tired, but we managed to get some keepers and kept it under 15 minutes, too. 

Gigi and *almost* all of her babies. I can't believe that Kenly arrived 11 years ago and now she's less than an inch shorter than us. What a blessing she has been from the beginning and how lucky we are to watch her grow up right before our eyes. 

When the sun hasn't quite set enough, you make them turn around and then say "look at each other and laugh."

Silly shadow on Emmy's face but still adorable. 

Biggest and littlest. 


(Can I just tell you how excited Radley was to have another boy around. Through the moon.) 


I'm pretty sure they were born yesterday. 8 years ago. 

As broken record as I may be - I still can't believe all those years ago, she was picked to be my best, good-friend. My LYLAS, my BFF, my life-long giggle partner. Unreal. And now our babies are stuck with each other too. And I am so very glad!

Grown-up girl...

baby legs...

50lbs of man...

and 30lbs of girly goodness...

I could just pinch myself...

but instead, I'll kiss their cheeks with "all the kisses" until they can't take it anymore. 

And then I'll wait until they fall asleep and kiss 'em again.


  1. Eek! Baby legs and girly goodness! So much cuteness in one quick photo session! Love them all!!!

    1. I think they turned out pretty darn cute for 10 minutes and crazy harsh sun! :) And yes those legs!

  2. Beach pix are the best. What a super fun time to spend with your bestie.

    1. I'm a lucky girl to have her in my life!