The Loveliest of All...

A dear friend of ours agreed to take some pictures to document this lovely lady's third year waaaayyy back in March. Well, Texas decided this was the year that the drought would end (yay!)  which shifted pictures from early March to early June. But, I can say they were definitely worth the wait.


I'd really like to just post pictures but I can't not talk about her. Because, Y'all. Seriously.

The rain boots were a last minute addition, because, well, the rain. The "twirly" dress was also a game changer. I picked out this all green number to continue her "princess and the pea" theme but she wore this to Emmy's dance recital and she just had so much fun spinning in it that I knew I wanted to capture that little girl joy. 

(Click above to enlarge collage) 


I seriously can not even deal.

The boots main purpose were for this AMAZING field of flowers and mud. Sooooo much mud. My friend and I were sticking to the ground.

While Landry was flying...

Oh and then she turned 13.

Fun fact: those are my clips from when I was little nugget.

Also truth: I am jealous of this outfit. 

And Texas humidity for the win because those curls :) 

My wish is that she stays this little forever. Her wish was probably something like chocolate or to keep the balloon I kept playing with to make her giggle. (She got both).

This shirt was my mom's when she was little! 

And Emersyn also wore it for her 3 year pics...

They also both enjoyed picking flowers. 

And in case you're wondering - that's not photoshop. That's just a really talented lady and some super calm water on a freakishly cool Texas summer night.

And a darling model. :)

As the sun was setting, we let her get just a teensy bit sassy.

I think the direction was "look unimpressed"... 

And then jump as high as you can!

And may you always remember to do just that - reach for those stars and just jump up and grab them. Every single one of them is yours for the taking, Landry. 

But do me a favor...

When you make it all the way up to where those dreams of your exist...

Just remember that you started out in my arms...

And that there will always ALWAYS be a place for you right next to me. 


  1. Love the entire session as usual!!!!! 😍😍😍

    1. Thanks! My friend did a great job! :)

  2. That one is your "mini me." So beautiful, inside and out. Both of you. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, friend! She can definitely never deny me! Miss you tons!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! I was thinking "how does she ever choose which one(s) to print" and then I came to the progression ones! TEARS!!! What treasures!

    1. Haha - I don't! And this session is going to be super hard because I love all of them so so much!

  4. Oh....MY....GOODNESS...these are amazing!! Where is this magical location??!!!!

    1. Thanks! The field of flowers was between Barron and HEB on the feeder, white fence is the outside of Nantucket and the reflection pics are on the 13th hole at PC. :)

  5. K gonna go cry now... gosh she is just beautiful and that last series... RIP YOUR HEART OUT!

    1. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make her do this again when she's 25. :)