Happy birthday...

Today is a big day... someone in our family is turning the BIG 4-0.



(Well, not really, but isn't it funny that we used to think that).

The middle child, my dear, sweet, kind, loving OLDER brother, Jeremy is 40.

And he will be hearing about it all.day.long!

Jeremy Paul - 

You have been there for every big and small moment in my life and if I wasn't so lazy, I would have scanned in some of my favorite pictures over the years.

When Jody turned 40, we surprised him with a trip home. But you are home - just a mile down the road (if we could just get that biggest one to move back). So, I thought and thought about what to get you, but we are at the age that when we want something, we go ahead and buy it ourselves. So instead, I will simply tell you thank you.

Thanks for being born. Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for being my longest standing room mate. Ryan has about 15 more years until he catches you. I'll let you unwrap some sappy today...

I love you because... 

  1. You are older than me.
  2. You come over and fix things when I ask.
  3. You let me win but taught me how to lose. 
  4. I may have accidentally hit you once or twice and you never hit me back.
  5. College would have sucked without you.
  6. You convinced mom to let me stay out late when I was with you.
  7. You always took the blame. 
  8. You still do.
  9. You treated me like your friend instead of your "little sister". 
  10. You let my friends harass you when I had slumber parties.
  11. You let me harass your friends when you had sleep overs.
  12. You let me and Jenni put make up on you. Several times.
  13. You are more stubborn than Emersyn when she doesn't want to use her manners. 
  14. You taught me how to climb on the roof.
  15. And drink beer.
  16. And light a cigarette (but I NEVER smoked them, Mom). Ever. Never. 
  17. When I smell Fahrenheit cologne I am transported to riding in your mustang with Jenni listening to Diddy. (The song, not the person).
  18. You love my kids.
  19. And my husband.
  20. You tolerate my crazy ideas.
  21. You built a pond in our backyard.
  22. You've never met a stranger. 
  23. You didn't kill me when I forgot to feed Cash for 2 days.
  24. You listen to my honest opinion.
  25. You do man things with Radley.
  26. 3202.
  27. You taught Jenni the best joke of her life. 
  28. You'd never pick anyone else over me. 
  29. You keep my secrets.
  30. You tell me the truth.
  31. You bring home lumber.
  32. You build things like PaPaw.
  33. You will belt out Disney songs with me.
  34. You drove to San Antonio with Ryan to pick up a washer and dryer.
  35. You cried when Landry got stitches.
  36. You served our country.
  37. You love fiercely.
  38. You give generously.
  39. You live selflessly.
  40. You are my brother. 

Happiest of birthdays to you.

Old man.


  1. Awww...this is just so sweet! As the older sister I was reading this and thinking my baby bro would have some of the same things to say. :) Sadly the one I remember most...took the blame for the vomit in the yard. haha

    1. Haha - sounds like something he would do for me! Siblings are kind of awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jeremy! My favorite memory of you is from the HOT Fair - we were riding some crazy ride that took us upside down and around - totally out of control. I was laughing hysterically to keep from puking and you were yelling, "Oh my god, I love you! Amy, I love you!" It was hilarious, and I'll never forget it. Hope you have the best day, and welcome over the hill! :-)

    1. I just literally LOLed! This.is.awesome!

  3. That was the sweetest post I've ever read! You guys are so blessed to have each other! Hope he had a fabulous birthday (but, with you as a sister, how could he not?!) :)

    1. He survived for sure! (and the 40 scratch-off tickets we bought him may have helped!)