Because of course, parrots...

Because when we have been to Port Aransas more times than you can count, done all the things, purchased all the souvenirs and tried every sno cone flavor imaginable and you discover this new guy offering pictures with parrots - you take the pictures.

You. Are. Welcome.

The girls maybe accidentally dropped Paris the Parrot so she was moved to Jenni's arm which made us all erupt in a fit of laughter causing the adored "pirate face" to emerge on Jenni.

This one is a framer for sure!

It was worth every bit of Gigi's pennies for these pictures - 

even if the three of us tried not to be in them.

The kids thought it was hysterical...

And I mean, what better material than pictures with birds for every slide show for the rest of their lives....

Thats, Adam, the parrot man.