Friday Favorites: Edition Back to School

Hi, I'm Katy. And I had to return to work after NINE amazing weeks off for summer break. Please feel free to not feel sorry for me. 

Everyone is in back to school mode, so here are a few of my favorite BTS moments this week...

One last party...

Everyone knows you have to have one FINAL summer shin dig, right? Well, this year I got to spend my last Saturday of the summer with some of my nearest and dearest. The best and brightest, the first and FINEST sorority on campus - my DZ sisters. We are celebrating 40 years of being at A&M and it was so much fun!

Clearly I should have use my real camera. 

Seriously, the day started at 10am and I am super proud to say that we lasted until MIDNIGHT.

These women mean so much to me and are such a big part of who I am. Love them each so much and so thankful for the 4 years I spent with them. #DZLAM40

School Days

We spent lots of time last week celebrating Emersyn as she headed into Kindergarten. And she.was.ready. I mean look at that mean mug. ;)

The first day of school is one of my favorite days ever on Facebook. Seriously, we should just all get to stay home and like away on all these precious photos that people post. It's like Christmas card previews and sneak peeks are always fun. YMM was so excited we decided to make a giveaway out of it! 

My absolute favorite moment of the week, though, was picking them up on the first day. I watched Radley wait for her and could see him telling her something (he clearly takes his big brother duties seriously) and Emersyn was clearly not impressed because she walked away and stood in line for the car. They are both my favorites!

Know what else is my favorite?
Make-up off, pjs and glasses on... all by 4:30pm.

Something that is NOT my favorite is fixing hair. Which is sad, because we have lots of it in our family. I'm just not good at it... but we did some research for you over at Your Merry Mailbox and check out this do.

(Go read the entire post for more HAIRspiration). #yeah #thatonewasastretch

Ironically, that same day, I received this email from CWHL. Giving back is definitely one of my favorites and I am so glad that Emersyn inspired (and challenged) me to go through with this. CWHL is a great place to donate if you are considering it. They only require 8 inches and they give their hair pieces to children for FREE!!

And this. Y'all there is no excuse for me to ever wonder what's going on. I love that their teachers send us text reminders. And if that wasn't enough - our district now uses an app for the school menu. I can look up what they are serving every day, nutritional value (for those moms that care) and pictures (for those kids that care). Winning. 

We also had fun celebrating this guy this week - he's a back to school baby afterall!


Classes start Monday for A&M and our first game is next Thursday. Being prepared for game day is an absolute favorite...and I'd say that we are MORE than prepared. 

(one set is for someone else)

We had so much fun working on an upcoming feature with The Dish. And if you are interested in getting some of this TO CUTE FOR WORDS Aggie gear... then leave your email in the comments below! We will start taking orders soon and the gear will be here in time for our first SEC game of the season!

Happy Friday!

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