Kindergarten Checklist: 6, 7, 8 and 9 ...

The countdown is winding down...

6. Meet your teachers

This year we had double the fun meeting teachers! First up was Radley with the second grade DL team. I can't really explain how stinking excited he is that Mrs. Vega and Mrs. Adams moved up with the class. They were so awesome with Radley and he can't wait for another fantastic year. Mrs. Araujo has been at CHE for years and her enthusiasm and dedication were evident when we met. 

They were so excited that they sent them all home with homework - ha! We got the first HW battle out of the way quick and then moved along to a fun project for his classroom. 

Next up was Miss Emersyn. We were smart and showed up strategically late so as to miss the presentation in the cafeteria and instead got to spend some time with some friends from her class. She's pretty pumped to know a couple of people at her school - and she definitely lets us know that it is now HER school, too. It's adorable.

Familiar faces all around - Emmy has been talking about having Mrs. Kammerer since LAST year. Needless to say she is excited about the year and Mrs. Haas is so gifted with these kids. 

I must say, it was pretty awesome to listen to all the lists, announcements, rules and procedures and NOT feel overwhelmed. We are pros at this! ;)

7. Get new clothes

This was clearly an unnecessary item on the list considering I could skip laundry for a month and my children wouldn't repeat clothing, but it's kind of one of my favorites. Before she got to open this present, we celebrated the upcoming week with a Back to School breakfast for all the kiddos. If you missed our post about celebrating back to school on YMM, then check it out. Super fun, super simple, super FREE ways to celebrate!

Then it was time for gift opening and Emmy decided everyone should help since it was a package with a purple, blue and pink bow. She knew that meant they all 3 had something inside.

Gigi (and Pops) got the kids some fun new digs. Radley said a quick thanks and then moved back to legos but the girls couldn't wait to try their dresses on.

This one is reversible and I am obsessed with the twirl.

And the only thing I don't like about these is that they are not in my size. Seriously. The pockets. 
(And since they are on sale, I may just buy the third color!)

9. Pray for our friends and teachers...

Tonight marked the last item off our list before the big day. We spent some time praying specifically for friends and teachers tonight. 

1 Timothy 4:12 says 

Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.

We talked about how we are called to lead by example in our words, with our actions and how we treat others and prayed for guidance in situations when we struggled with these. 

And now we wait to see what tomorrow holds!


  1. Prayers for a smooth first day! Those dresses are adorable.

    1. I'm genuinely jealous of those dresses and they had a great day! Here's to a fun year ahead!

  2. I feel anxious for all you mommas with kiddos in school today! Its great and yet it is soo hard.

    1. It was much easier without the massive photoshoot the night before! HAHA!

  3. This was the best back-to-school checklist I've ever seen! Good job, mama!!! Now I'm off to shop HA! :)

    1. Those dresses are the BEST! Love me some HA!