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I am so excited about the second Queen Bees link-up with Shelly. We really do hope this becomes a place to lift up other women and bloggers. You can highlight your mom, your sister, your bestie, or a complete stranger! It can be a fellow blogger or someone that still doesn't have a smart phone. (WHAT!?) The point is, to lift each other up and let someone know that you notice her, what she does, how she does it and you want her (and others) to know just how special she is. 

This can be anything you want - if you're a fashion blogger, then give a shout out to someone that you think has impeccable style! A foodie - then share with us someone that has great taste and the ability to create some delicious dishes. We will be here to read your stories, connect to each other and maybe even learn a thing or two. This little blog world is a fascinating place and community that I am so glad to belong.

Today I am thrilled to be dishing about Stephanie...

wifey to Jeff and Mommy to Jackson and Sutton.


She loves them fiercely and supports them with everything she has. Jeff is a successful realtor and his biggest fan and loudest cheerleader is her. I love seeing how proud of him she is - lighting such a fire in him in return. They work hard and play hard and have the best time in between.

She is a mom extraordinaire, party planning guru, entrepreneur, friend to all and just an all around amazing human being.

And she does all of that before 10am. ;)

Stephanie is the creator of The Dish BCS, a "one stop shop for all Bryan/College Station happenings" which is just a testament to her ability to make things happen. She doesn't talk about doing things - she gets things done and I LOVE that about her. She turns her big ideas into real big successes whether that means a tree house in her backyard (seriously I would live in it), a party (let's take a glance at Sutton's Button party...)

or starting a blog.  That is being read by 1000s of people on a regular basis. If you live in or around BCS check it out. If you are thinking of visiting BCS check it out. If you wished your community had a "one stop shop" for ideas, places to frequent, business recommendations and fabulous giveaways - check it out. Email her and ask her how she got started.

The first time I met Stephanie she was a Provisional in the Junior League. We were at our annual Speak Up meeting that allowed members to voice opinions, suggestions, concerns, etc... in a more relaxed setting. I was the "seasoned board member" acting as facilitator of our group that wasn't supposed to talk much. You can guess how that may work out - especially because sometimes no one talks. Can I tell you how glad I am for Stephanie Leatherwood. She and I hit it off immediately and became fast friends.

Over the next couple of years we borrowed party supplies, traded blog tips, took 1000s of pictures of our children and then decided we may need to join forces on something so we started a blog community in our town. (That you should TOTALLY join - here's our FB page. If you are a blogger in BCS then let us know!)

This summer I have had so much fun getting to know her better, appreciate her more and be thankful for her friendship. If someone were to ask me to sum Stephanie up in a quote, I would use this:

You would be hard pressed to meet a more generous person than Stephanie. She gives so freely of her time and talents, she says yes before a person can finish asking for a favor, she offers help and support and shows up even if you don't ask. And that's just to someone she's known for a short time. Her name is constantly popping on my newsfeed from being tagged with a thank you or shout out. She's seriously just so thoughtful - not thinking twice about picking up something for you at the store simply because it reminded her of you.

She's the friend you need in your corner, the partner you need on your team and the leader you want in your community.

She has never met a stranger.

She never asks for a thank you.

She serves without expecting anything in return. 

When I asked her what surprised her most about her fairy tale she responded with...

Stephanie, I'm so glad to be even a teensy teensy tiny part of your chaos. I'm grateful for our growing friendship and thankful for the role you play in our community and in mine. MUAH!

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  1. You are the sweetest! The waterworks are flowing. I so needed this today in the midst of all the chaos!!!!! I am so blessed to have met you and have your sweet and amazing little family in my life!!!!! 😍

    1. I'm so glad this brightened your day! MUAH!

  2. Love this! I'm so glad to have met Stephanie and look forward to getting to know her more! Awesome post, Katy!

    1. She really is awesome - this summer has been pretty amazing for making new friends! :)

  3. Lovely how you describe her. I feel like I want to fly down and meet her. Like now! Thanks for sharing about this wonderful lady. May we all have a bit more of "her" in us. Thanks also for hosting your second month! Enjoying it.

    1. She really is amazing, Michelle! Appreciate you linking up!