Kindergarten Checklist: 4 & 5...

Our checklist continues...

4. Celebrate with Friends...

Emmy's checklist corresponded perfectly with our planned evening celebrating Anna! Out of all the crazy traditions Cindy and I think up, this is my favorite. I love the one-on-one time WE get to have with each of those hot messes. 

This evening began with an early pick up from school so we could get our craft on. I picked up these adorable bags at HobLob, some fabric markers, and pre-made flowers for the girls. Rad got a camo bag and some manly patches. ;)

They had tons of fun making their bags unique and they didn't even argue. Y'all. 

Miracles happen.

When they were finished with that project I told the girls to get on their favorite dresses for dinner.

Emmy: Like PRINCESS dresses?!
Me: Yep!
Anna: Are you serious?!?
Me: Yep!
Anna: Can we wear heels?!?
Me: Yep!

Seriously, how cute are they?

After dinner we dropped Rad off at a friends and headed to Spoons.

They ended their evening with popcorn and a movie and had the sweetest dreams around.

5. Say Goodbye to PreK

So this was a tough one. She has been walking through this door for the past five years. This is comfort and contentment, safety and fun, adventure and home. These doors have sheltered her, grown her and loved her and I am so thankful for each and every person that has been part of her life. 

This year's set of teachers has given her so much belief in HERSELF which is the best gift you can receive. She is more than ready for this next big step and so much of that has to do with everything from them. From sitting still (sometimes) to site words, they have helped her prepare for that big old leap on Monday - thank you isn't enough. 

The plan was to celebrate with a swim party at Adamson's Lagoon, but the thunder thought that was silly. I was so sad for them when they arrived to a closed swimming pool that I called the WDS and asked if they could play at the park attached to it. Katy cleared it with the other parents (half of which were with us) and off they went.

She was just happy to be with her friends and her enjoyment in life is one of the things I am most proud of. Sure she has her "I want more" moments - who doesn't. But for the most part, life is one big ball of great for her.

And if we would have gone swimming, then no one would have been able to watch me whip and nae nae with these little girls that thought I was steps from the looney bin.

One final pic with Friendship...

And a few last hugs for some teachers... 

and she was on her way.

Landry also said goodbye to her teachers from Promises - she moves up on Monday and is officially in "Pre-K 3".  We are going to miss this crew but they are (literally) next door!

We are just checking off items left and right.... can't wait for what's next....


  1. Watch you whip. Watch you nae nae.

    1. Those girls faces were PRICELESS when I walked up and started dancing but the other parents may have been even more shocked. ;)

  2. Is it crazy that I literally cried while reading this?! Your sweet family is the best!

    1. Not crazy at all - I cry at everything! Thanks for being part of our ride!