A perfect practice...

Emmy had her first soccer practice this week which is conveniently located at the park by our house. I'd like to say that we walked there but since it's Texas and the heat factor seems to go up in late September we drove. 

And I don't know if it's the tall socks but she looks like a giant to me. (Maybe not compared to other average sized kids but she's definitely growing!) 

She did awesome! She listened, she waited her turn and she didn't try to boss one person around. 

I did hear her mention that she is her daddy's assistant coach and she also volunteered us for the first snack but that's fine with me. She loves doing the same thing that Radley is doing and I think we are going to have such a great time watching her play this season. 

They got their uniforms at the end of practice and we had already had a long talk with her about being happy with the color no matter what. Y'all. I didn't think that "no matter what" would mean camo - but she didn't care. She said "I can just wear a pink bow." Ha!  

They haven't come up with a name yet but I bet it will be something fierce - I mean look at those faces. 

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