Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emmy has had the best few weeks as a kindergartener - she is really just loving school. Last night she was telling us all about two special things she had in her backpack - a glass pebble that you'd find in a fish bowl and a pencil that she can only use on Halloween. No other night.

She was filling us in on how she got such amazing treasures and even let Landry and Radley feel the coveted items. She's always been a giver.

She went to put these priceless items back into her bag when I looked up to see Landry with tears in her eyes...

Landry: Ma-Ma-Mommy
Me: Yes, baby?
Landry: When I in kindergarten can I get one of those wocks, too?

Sweet girl just felt so left out. Radley jumped up and gave her one that he had in his room and a big giant comforting hug.

Emmy let her touch her pencil again.


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