Friday Favorites: Pinterest Workouts

I enjoy a good workout. I'll even attempt a jog from time to time. I kind of hate the beginning but by the end I'm glad that I finished. 

(sound familiar?)

I have been pinning workouts on Pinterest for a while, but I only recently started to actually attempt these workouts. And I loved it. I loved that it's different every time. I love that I can choose ones that cater to my strengths and challenge my weaknesses. 

They can be just enough to make you sweat...

Or you can go a bit overboard and not be able to get up. Ever again.

Best of all, you can do them anywhere. This has helped me stay on track, work out on vacation, and stay committed when I want to quit. 

Pinterest is always my favorite. :) 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I really have a lot of fun finding new workouts - and then feel it the next day! :)

  2. Hey....I'm just super impressed that you can still do all those jumping jax after 3 kids...I'd pee all over myself! lol

    1. Girl, I make sure to pee right before and pause a time or two during! #bladdersdontkeep