We are the Aggies...

I grew up in Waco and pretty much never ever wanted to go to Baylor. I recognize that living in College Station may mean that my kids will never ever want to go to A&M, but... we started the brain washing pretty early around here and this weekend served up one more giant helping of Aggie kool-aid taking the kids to their first Fightin' Texas Aggie Yell Practice. 

And just to solidify the greatness of it all, I called in a favor and we got VIP passes for field access. 


Y'all. There are no words to describe the majesty of Kyle Field. Majestic doesn't even do it justice, and I get that I am a tried and true, die hard, "I bleed maroon" Aggie. But. 

Oh.My.Word. It's gorgeous. 

Emmy had no trouble whatsoever fitting in with all those Aggies. True story: as we were walking up Gabby (holding Emmy) was showing her friends a picture I had posted of the girls that day. It was hilarious because she flipped out when they walked up. 

Landry was pretty pumped about the whole "staying up past her bedtime thing", but I think Radley was the most excited and also most reluctant to have his picture taken. 

The kids decided they wanted to sit down so we made our way to the seats and waited for the Aggies (Yell Leaders, Corps and Band) to arrive.

And arrive they did. The noise was too much for Landry she started crying when the drumline came in but as soon as they passed she resumed her spot as dancing queen. 

Emmy liked watching them "exercise". 

"Oh, Mommy, look - they exercising like you! But why are only two of them doing push ups?"

We5Kings were ready for some Yell, along with 45,000 of our closest friends. This Yell Practice happened to fall on the anniversary of 9/11 and as a tribute shirts were laid out on seats to recreate the Red, White and Blue Out of 2001. I am proud to have been there then and I am grateful that my kids were there to recreate it - if even a little. 

That energy quickly began to fade and these two kept falling asleep. Please note Landry has her ears plugged to keep out the noise. Ha!

But, like all good Aggies, they rallied and mustered up the energy for the singing of the War Hymn and watching Kyle be lit up with fireworks. It's a night I'll never forget and a great reminder that it's easy to say no. It's easy to stick to routine. It's easy to tell yourself you'll do something when they are older - but we couldn't miss the first Yell Practice in the new Kyle and I'm so glad we went. 

As an added bonus, Ryan and I lucked out and got tickets to the actual game! We made our way back to campus later that afternoon and the icing on the cake was hanging out with one of my life-long best friends. Charis and I have known each other for over 20 years and her oldest son, Michael is a freshman this year. We stood with them as he marched in with the Corps and I'm pretty sure I teared up more than she did.

There is just something about this place and when you get to share it, especially with people you love, it's even more special. 

We made our way back into Kyle, and not to brag, but our view was pretty suite. 


Ryan's lifelong best-friend works for two Aggies that own a suite on the East side and Jaime loves us enough to invite us to go when he gets tickets. Taking our kids to Yell, seeing the new stadium, hanging with our best friends AND an Aggie win - that's better than winning the lottery.

Come on Ags, let's give'em hell this season! 


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    1. Girl, I can't even begin to tell you have freaking fun it is. Maybe we can gather 100 of our closest friends and try to get one of our own! HA!

  2. How did we not see you guys at Yell Practice?! We were practically sitting right behind you!!! LOVED all the pics! And, it's not brain-washing - it's just sharing the truth! :)

    1. Haha! You make a good point and if we go again I'll let you know! We can coordinate seats!