Rad is EIGHT

Radley's birthday fell on a Sunday this year which meant he woke up bright and early to make it to mass. We grabbed the girls and they walked into his room singing "happy birthday" and it may have been my favorite moment all day. He woke up with ease and walked in to the kitchen to see the donut cake of his dreams waiting for him. 

The girls were as excited about him opening his gifts as he was!

Legos were definitely the theme of year eight...
Landry got him a pirate set, Emmy got him the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and Ryan and I bought him the Star Wars AT-DP. 

Well, we had one more thing for him and I'd say he was **pretty** excited. with what we filled his treasure box with. He's saving for a mini-van. No lie. I'm pretty pumped about it so if anyone wants to contribute to his efforts then I'll send you my PayPal address. 

Another reason he can never deny me? He asked for, received and was very excited about the containers to ORGANIZE all his Legos.

#myfutureDILbetterthankme #hesakeeper

As an added bonus we got to celebrate Kailyn's birthday that afternoon at a bowling party! My kids have been asking to go bowling for ages so it was a fun treat for Radley and especially awesome since they were so so so excited to give Kailyn her birthday present. 

We then headed back to house to hang out and rest up before heading back out for one final celebration.

And there's little in the world I enjoy celebrating more than these kids. Radley is one of the most kind-hearted, caring, smart, funny, silly, giving kids around. I'd spend every day celebrating him and the joy that he has given to us. 

Radley picked his most favorite restaurant in the world for dinner - the parents were definitely more excited than their kids but everyone ate enough to get a treat after. 

Well except Landry who basically slept the entire time. Poor kid, two days no naps, late nights - catches up with a girl.

After our eats, we headed to the treats where smiles and silly faces were plentiful!

I'd say year eight is going to be GREAT!


  1. Oh my goodness this is false! He is not 8! I refuse to believe it... however he is SO your child with the organization as a present! So funny!! Happy Birthday Radley!!

    1. Tis true and I can't believe it either. EIGHT. I'm officially a real live adult. :)