Futbol Kings...

Saturday was a big day in the King household - we had a double header season soccer opener. Two kids. Two games. ONE starting time. (Because obviously they would play at the same time). 

So we did what all parents of 3 kids do - split up. Ryan had to be at Radley's game since he's the coach and all, but he did drop Emersyn off and give her a few last minute pointers before warm up. She was mostly worried that she had on different shorts that the standard issue pair that wouldn't stay up no matter how tight we pulled the drawstring. #shortyproblems 

She managed to get over it and get her head in the game (must have been all of that nonstop HSM we watched this summer) and SHE.DID.AWESOME!

She played so well and just kept after it - hustling the entire game all while keeping that smile on her face. 

She also managed to keep her sass - please note her teammates in "ready position" and Emersyn casually waiting with hand on hip. 

She was excited to have a friend on her team - Gabby's big brother was on Radley's team last year and is again this year. So much for random selection! 

She even managed to score!

And insisted on throwing the ball in one play.

While we know you aren't supposed to keep count - her team ended up ahead at the end! #wekeepscore And she ended the game with a smile!

Meanwhile, this dude was rocking it way across the field! I ran back and forth between games to catch glimpse of him and got to see him score an AMAZING goal! 

It's so fun to have seen his skill continue to improve and his love for this game grow right along with it.

I missed most of his game but Ryan could hardly wait to tell me about his amazing header that lead to another goal for Rad. He was beaming and full of that fatherly pride that just lights up his whole face. What a joy to be married to someone that finds such value and love in the goodness of our kids. 

And by the team huddle, his assistant coach was back by his side and all was right again. 

Looking forward to this and all the soccer seasons to come!


  1. It just really doesn't get any better than little kids playing soccer! So fun!!! See ya at the fields!

    1. I never thought I would love this "soccer mom" gig so much. It's the best!