{NO} Sleep Over...

We entered a new era this weekend ... Radley had his first sleep over and honestly, it was a BLAST for all of us. Ryan and I picked the boys up from school on Friday and headed to our house for the fun to begin. 

I remember my first slumber party (I feel like girls call it slumber parties and boys call it sleepovers). Mom let us play in her make-up... with out supervision. We ended up looking like clowns and probably used an entire tub of Noxzema to get it all off. I searched for 3.5 hours on Saturday night for that picture and it's officially lost. But I remember it like it was yesterday. Every time I clicked through pinterest on "camping parties" I thought about that picture and how unplanned that moment was, and I gave myself (and Ryan and most importantly, Radley) that gift of spontaneity. 

And you know what? They loved every minute of it. They got hot and sweaty and filthy dirty. They ate junk food and drank colored drinks and when they needed a break, they cooled off inside. 

Once we dropped them off, Emmy and I headed back out to pick up Landry, the cookie cake, some Gatorade and ice cream and made our way back to the house to discover this...

2 playing PS3, 1 on Rad's iPad, 1 on our iPad, 1 on an iPod touch.


I made the exceptional suggestion of putting Radley's 100 water balloons to good use, so away they went outside while Ryan filled them up in under 3 minutes. (Seriously, this dad was a genius).

And away they went - Emmy and Landry even joined in on the fun (and Radley didn't even complain). I cracked up thinking about me being the little sister and doing the same thing to Jeremy and his friends. I wanted to be into whatever they were doing (even if it involved jumping off the roof onto the trampoline). 

These water balloons were impossible to pop unless you got pretty close and pinched them. 

And then 6 minutes later they were all gone, so back they went to making up new games and running around. Trampoline dodge ball was a big hit. 

They paused long enough to sing happy birthday and blow out candles but then decided they were actually ready to eat the cake. 

As the sun began going down, their energy (or delirium) started going up. We snapped one quick pic then sent them inside for gifts, "teeth brushing" (hey, I tried) and a change of clothes if they wanted. 

Emmy and Landry insisted on a picture with "their brother" before he opened up presents and he even managed to smile through his slight annoyance.

We made our way back outside where they put their new head lamps to use. Ryan was so excited about these and the boys were too! They decided they were all zombies - ha!

And finally it was time to settle down and watch a movie. Y'all - why have I never thought to do this before? This will quickly become a King Family tradition especially with the cooler weather approaching!

They lasted until about 11pm before the mosquitoes bugged them enough (pun intended) to head back inside. I made them a quick pallet, turned on Star Wars and bid them good night before heading to bed...but then I couldn't find Ryan so I went searching and discovered him in Rad's room where I sent him to get more pillows. Ha!

Poor guy, he went into work at 3am so he could get off in time for afternoon pick-up. 

By 8am, we only had 3 guys left (there were lots of things going on that day so parents came EARLY to pick up their kiddos). We never got around to s'mores the night before so I made them s'more pancakes - I just put the chocolate and marshmallow in between warm pancakes - which were a big hit. Especially with these two.

This new era isn't so bad - and I have at least 2 more years before the house is filled with 6 girls. I'll report back!

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