Bringing home to work...

 One of my least favorite parts about adulting is bringing work home. BUT...one of my FAVORITE parts about working is bringing HOME with me. I love that my job has plenty of opportunities to bring me #wee3kings along and hang out with a crowd of college kids. 

I just hope that they soak up some of their goodness and turn out to be awesome college kids, too. And no, they aren't a distraction at all - I mean they fit plenty of girl time in during all the work. 

And then maybe sometimes they become a distraction.

Or Shera - I can't decide. 

Something tells me they love it when I bring home to work, too.


  1. This has GOT to be one of the biggest perks of your job! Your kiddos know they are livin' the life, right?! :)

    1. I think those college kids love it just as much! Sometimes I think I could just sneak out and no one would even notice! HA!