Sister wife...

 This world is a funny place. I just spent the past 24 hours with a person that I have only spent about 72 total hours with ever in the however many of hours I've actually been around. (Catch that?) All because years ago a sweet friend thought to introduce us. And then we read each other's blogs and then we became friends. 

And I'm so glad that we got over the "weird" of emailing a stranger and became friends. Real friends. Friends that get each other. Friends that celebrate each other. Friends that pray for each other. Friends that totally spaz out over the same ridiculous things. 

Jenn picked me up at the airport on Monday with a smile on her face and a THIRTEEN DAY  old baby in the back seat. Oh, and she had just closed on her new house the week before. And she still had time for this... 

Y'all. She's incredible. 

I got to swap stories, cry happy tears, hear about her happy and sad, scared and excited, nervous and thrilled over guacamole and margs and just be thankful that for a few short hours, the 1000s of miles that normally separate us have disappeared. AND, I got to snuggle with sweet baby Grace - I mean, can you even deal with this view?

We ran errands, went on well-checks, solved the world's problems and added to her Davey's to do list. I read stories, played games, solved homework and drank too much coffee before having to say goodbye. 

Jenn, you are the best long-distance sister wife around. I'm grateful for your heart, in awe of your ability to just seriously get it all done with a smile and convinced that we will be closer than a plane ride someday! 


  1. So sweet. You attract sweet friends like this Katy King because you are a sweet friend like this!

    1. Blogging has brought me the most wonderful friends - you among them! :)

  2. Life could be mysterious, sweet and funny indeed. :D
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ah! This made me smile! What a sweet friendship! You are a blessing to so many!