The next generation of great

The next generation of soccer greatness is upon us. Emersyn ceremoniously received her shoes, shin guards and soccer ball in anticipation of fall soccer. And to christen said gear and get her ready to for a fast and furious season of chasing a ball while still maintaining her power of adorable, Ryan took the kids to the park on Sunday.

I have to admit, I was pretty surprised with how into it she was - and she was able to control the ball pretty darn well!

And this chicka was awesome, too! Her daddy was pretty impressed with her push pass. 

And I was pretty impressed with him. So much of me wishes I knew him then. When all he had to worry about was his version of Friday Night Lights. When he had long floppy "soccer hair" and mismatched clothes. When he would come home from practice and eat a box of cereal. When he spent nights doing anything besides what he told his mom he was doing. 

All of me is grateful that I know him now. As a Daddy that shares his passion with all of us. A man that has a few more gray hairs than he'd like to admit. A husband that shows me the secrets to perfecting the soccer juggle. And a guy that gets home from practice and eats an entire box of cereal. 

I'm so excited about watching her play! I think she is going to have so much fun - she keeps asking if she can wear her cleats to school (when she's not asking if she can wear her high heels of course.)

And this kid. I'm just in denial that the tiny tot on the left is the same big kid on the right. 

We indeed are raising the next generation of great - and I'm not just talking about soccer. 


  1. I wish I had known that he was coaching! Would have LOVED for Hope and Emmy to be on the same team! And, the love you have for your hubby oozes out of you - love it!

    1. Next year we'll have to get him and Mike to coach together!