Friday Favorites...

This is going to be short and sweet...who am I kidding, the only thing short about me is my vertical reach. But I shall try. It shouldn't surprise you that my favorites from this week revolve all around the kiddos. 

I love when I see something that I know will get the kids excited. I spotted these RIDICULOUS "Charolette's Web" spiders and had to snap some pics. They were HUUUUUGE.

My boss actually talked me into catching a grasshopper and throwing it into the web and I wasn't quick enough to get it in film because OH.MY.WORD. the reflexes. Radley was pumped and could not believe that I wasn't scared. I'm not sure why, but these spiders don't bother me. When I was younger, we had one show up outside the windows of my brothers' bedroom and adopted it as a pet. When she died we even buried her in the backyard. 

Car rides home are always a favorite. I'll give you one guess at who get's a nap at school and who does not. 

Seeing this girl get recognized for her sweet heart was definitely a favorite!

Did you catch our RAVE REVIEW of Clean R Cans this week on the Dish? You MUST go read all about it and enter the giveaway. Y'all. I put my children inside our OUTSIDE trashcan. That's how clean this sucker is. 

The College Hills Family is always a favorite. Love how much fun these kiddos have together and love that our school has special nights celebrating the families in this crazy dual language journey! What a blessing it has been!

And I'm gonna leave you with my two absolute favorites from the week -

Emmy thinking she's sneaking a selfie and not realizing it was on "video"

And Coach Taylor's PSA. 


  1. I'm still giggling over the PSA! That's awesome! And, we need to discuss this spider - is it like the size of your hand?! Holy heck that thing looks huge!!!

    1. Sister friend - that spider was HUGE! But oh so stinking cool!

  2. The girl has jokes.....short vertical reach...hahaha. And I am in love with spiders as long as they are in the web and I can clearly see them. I have always been kind of obsessed with them.

  3. Ahem, could you provide a warning next time you post a Charlotte's Web Look a Like??? I am still sleeping with the lights on!

    Thank you,

    A Faithful, nee Terrified Reader