Tiny Tales Thursday...

I have a go-to punishment for fighting. One my kids know well. One they have come to expect - so much so that they punish themselves. It's simple really; I actually got it from my mom.

Anytime the kids are arguing or fighting, they have to go to the couch and hold hands.

That's it.

They say there until they make up. Sometimes it's 10 minutes, sometimes it's 10 seconds.

Yesterday the girls got into a big argument about something super important like trains. So I told them to go to the couch and hold hands and before I could walk over there and "take care of it", Radley stepped in...

Rad: I got it, Mom.
Rad: Emmy, what's wrong?
Emmy: sobbing and saying something.
Radley: So, what you are saying is that Landry hurt your feeling because she broke your bridge?
Emmy: Ye-Ye-Yessss
Radley: Ok... calm down.
Rad: Now, Landry. What's wrong?
Landry: sobbing and saying something
Rad: Now...you didn't want Emmy to put the bridge onto of your track?
Landry: Ye-ye-yessss
Rad: (to Emmy) Can you build a track somewhere else?
Emmy: Yes.
Rad: (to Landry) Can you be nice and let Emmy build a bridge?
Landry: Yes.
Rad: Ok. Now say you are sorry and hug.

Meanwhile, I'm eating bon bons and sipping on a white russian.


  1. Parenting at it's best! I love you girl

    1. Haha - its funny to see yourself in your kids! At least he didn't spank them! ;)

  2. You are a good mama, friend! Such a sweet story! #radISrad

    1. I can't take all the credit because Rad is pretty darn rad! :)

  3. This brought back sweet memories. Your mama and mine are cut from the same cloth. When my siblings and I would fight, my mom would send us to the couches. There was a large one and a love seat. We each had to sit on one. We were not allowed to talk. We were not allowed to look at one another. We were to sit quietly and think about what it means to be brothers and sisters. We were reminded how quick it can all be taken away. My older brother had died of cancer when he was just 7. Fighting with siblings was not an option in our house.

    So off to the couches we went. Where we proceeded to look at each other. And whisper about ho mean our mom was ;) And play with this Pink Panther we had hidden in the cushions for just such occasions. He was all gummy and flexible. Think Gumby. And we would bend that Pink Panther into ridiculous positions and toss it to each other on the opposite couch. And we would laugh. You know, that one that starts in your toes and makes your eyes sting with squinty tears.because we were trying to be quite. When the timer went off, mama would call from the kitchen, "Are you friends again? "Yes" we'd respond. "Off you go" she'd call back. We never knew until about 5 years ago that she knew all about the Pink Panther. Or that she watched us from around the corner, giggling right along with us.

    Your littles will grow so fast. Cherish each and every moment. The fighting ones. The holding hands ones. And most especially, the laughing ones. Tomorrow I will be 49. How I would love to go back to that couch just once more!

    1. I love this story and I'm pretty sure we had that same pink panther! Thanks so much for sharing - I love your perspective on life and the lessons you teach!

    2. I am pretty sure I love you in an unhealthy way for internet strangers!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it. 😂 That's such a good idea! I'm going to do that when I have kids!