12 Days Countdown (3, 2, 1)...

Y'all. These next three days went completely off course. Also. I hardly ever take real pictures anymore - I am too overwhelmed so I stick tot he iPhone and well, that will just have to do! 

Only 3 days until Christmas... Let's go visit some friends!

The original plan was for us to deliver goodies to all of our friends, but everyone CS was out of town. So instead we decided to spend a day in Waco. Where I took exactly zero pictures but where we had exactly 100% fun! The day consisted of lunch with my down-the-street friend, Niki at one of our favorite places, a trip to the Silos and ended up with the E6 gang because the kids insisted on hanging out with Grace and Corbin. I was adamant about leaving by 5:30pm ... we left after 7. Which is clearly a sign of a great day filled with family and friends. 

Only 2 days until Christmas... Let's go to the MOVIES!

We loaded up the car and met the Messes for an afternoon Road Chip with Alvin and the gang. I think Cindy and I may have laughed more than the kids (which could have easily been because we are delirious from all the merry making). We were treated to dinner at the Munsons complete with tree decorating and of course a dance party. 

I mean, I don't know if there is a cuter bunch of besties in existence. 

Only 1 day until Christmas... Let's bake a cake for baby Jesus!

We have made a cake for baby Jesus for the past five years. And this year, well... the kids decided it was just wasteful. "Mom, we NEVER eat the cake. We always have ice cream and cool whip pie." So, we made cool whip pies and went on the with the day. The day before we did make a ginger bread house manger scene that turned out so stinking cute!

Love it when we find something that they don't argue about. 

AND that each kid can actually do.  

We did have to improvise a little and use some expired cake flour as the "white sand" to get the pieces to stay up. But it turned out darling and I'll be so sad to take it down!

The countdown was complete... next up... CHRISTMAS!

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