Checking it twice...

The kids wrote their official Christmas lists this weekend - I say "official" because this is the 3rd or 4th list for Emmy and Radley. Because they clearly need more things. 

If I'm being honest (and I make it a point to be honest), I like to "supervise" this process because well #control.

Ryan and I usually discuss Santa gifts well in advance, so I have to be strategic and then lead conversations into the favor of what's already been purchased. 

This was the first year Landry wrote actual words down and it was darling. Ryan was right by horsed helping her spell and shape the letters and she felt like such a big kid. 

Emersyn insisted on "stretching out" her words and spelling on her own and she did a fantastic job!

When it was all said and done, they had some pretty fun items... 

Radley - cat food for Merv, iTunes gift cards and a new cover for his "phone" (which is an iPhone 3 that doesn't work)

Emersyn - Buddy the Elf. As in the actual elf. 

Landry - Coffee for Mommy. 

And they were off to the North Pole! We'll report back on what they get!

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