Christmas {PARTY} all the time...

The kids Christmas celebrations started early with a quick goodbye to Miss Elizabeth (Rad and Emmy's Spanish tutor) before getting prepped for the big parties at school!

Rad had Mrs. Vega in first grade and he was thrilled (and so were we) when we found out that she was moving up with his class. She is the math and science teacher this year which are his two most favorite subjects. As we were setting up for the party she looked at me and told me how special Rad is; how she expects him to do great things and how he just has the "spark" about him that not every kid exhibits. I immediately teared up and just gave her a giant hug. SO grateful for wonderful teachers. 

His class had quite the celebration! First up was a delicious breakfast then the entire school was treated to a reading of The Polar Express by The Conductor himself. Then we made our way back to Rad's class for a musical performance.

They sang their hearts out for close to an hour - traditional songs in English and Spanish and one in French! They also had a few fun surprises up their sleeves and kiddos throughout had special reading parts. 

Mrs. Araujo is their language arts teacher and she did such a FANTASTIC job of leading these kiddos in song. When she busted out the guitar I about died. These teachers are just so full of talent and fun - what a lucky crew of 8 year olds!

At one point I just started crying. The Dual Language program was not an easy decision to make - we definitely took a leap of faith in this choice giving up the ease of a neighborhood elementary school, adding the "burden" of a bi-langual curriculum, and just moving forward into unchartered territory. But as I sat and watched these 35 kiddos sing in Spanish and English, listen o their teachers in both languages and UNDERSTAND what was being said - I could't help but cry and rejoice. Radley has made such awesome friends and gained such a sense of pride in his work. He doesn't always love it - heck I'd say there are more days than not when he doesn't want to do Spanish - but he is learning so much and we just know it will pay off. 

It also helps that this foursome has been together since they were babies. 

Feliz Navidad to the 2nd Grade DL crew!

That same afternoon I made my way back up to school for Emmy's class cookie decorating event.

They were all so cute icing their reindeer cookies and chattering away with each other. 

Mrs. Kammerer is still just as awesome as ever and has now joined the ranks of fellow DL parent since her son, Jonathan, is in Emmy's class. We hit the jackpot with teachers!

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