Tiny Tales Thursday...

Tonight we met up with the Munsons for one of my favorite seasonal activities - filling buggies up at HEB to fill pantries for the Brazos Valley Foodbank. We long ago quit buying gifts for each other and instead use that money to purchase groceries for families in need and spend time with people we love. We always end the night at Cracker Barrel and then go deliver the good to the Food for Families Food-drive.

We made our way home and Emersyn noted that there were no gifts under the tree...

Emmy: Mom, where are all the gifts?
Me: I just haven't wrapped them yet... sorry.
Rad: Besides, EmerSUN (with drama)... didn't we just learn Christmas isn't about what we get but what we GIVEEE??? #oldestchild #pleaser #compliant
Emmy: But...
Rad: We should be happy spending time with our family. #letitgoRadley #shesfive
Emmy: ::holding back the most precious little tears::: But, what are we going to do on Christmas? Just eat and sit around and look at each other??

Needless to say, I mustered up the energy and we had some gifts wrapped before they woke up!

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  1. Emmy, sweet Emmy! Please never grow up! And, Katy, please never stop writing Tiny Tales Thursday. They are the highlight of my Thursdays!