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Thanks for joining us for this final Queen Bees of the year. When Shelly and I first decided to create this link-up our biggest goal was to provide a platform where women could celebrate other women. Where we could come together in community and lift each other up, show each other high praise, give someone a virtual pat on the back and smile knowing that you have shared someone else’s goodness with the world.

We hope that this has reminded you that there is room for all of us at the table. That we can be genuinely happy when another succeeds and excels, that this “contest” we’ve created about who can the best wife/mother/sister/friend is fake and that in celebrating each other we all indeed win.

I have so loved reading about all the women that each of you champion. I have been inspired and motivated, happy and heartbroken, and laughed out loud at some of the antics you have described. I feel so privileged to witness the story of women and to provide a place for us to share this wit, wisdom and wonder in the world of womanhood.

May we each resolved to do more of this celebrating and more of this sharing and more of this loving of and with each other. Let’s not keep so many secrets, let’s share our success and be cheered on in our trials. Let’s be warrior women and show the world and each other that when we come together we do more good than when we work alone.

Thank you for linking up with us and I can’t read to continue reading your stories! 

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