NOLA is my homeboy...

After two days of family celebrations we were ready to head to NOLA for a day of celebrating the season. I didn't tell the kiddos until the morning of and they couldn't have been more excited! We made the hour drive from Baton Rouge, parked our car for the day and waited for our trolley.

As soon as Landry saw the trolley she was so excited:
"MOMMY! DANIEL TIGER has a twolly! I bet he whives here tew!"

Seriously, we could have just done this all day and they would have been happy.

And I'm not gonna lie, I could have watched them all day long.

But first, lunch. Seriously, if you've never been to Felix's then quit reading this post, grab your car keys, and a friend, and head to NOLA immediately. 

Sonya and I decided that this occasion needed toasting and I'll be honest, if it was socially acceptable to drink nothing but Bloody Mary's all day long, then I would. 

Especially when it's accompanied by this amazing spread. 

We made our way up and down the streets, stopping to take a peak into the hotels and surroundings but really just enjoying the company of our crew.

As we were heading down Bourbon Street, a duo of street performers caught our eye so we decided to sit and watch. 

They were highly talented and greatly entertaining. 

And the show got even better when they called Radley up to assist. 

"You - yeah, the one with the hair!" 

After gladly providing entertainment for the masses, Rad and his buddy left with crisp $20 bills and we were all smiling from ear to ear. 

I think we may need to make this a Christmas tradition - except figure out a way for Ryan to join us!

We ended up at Cade DuMonde to fill our tummies with some "Boon-yays" as Radley calls them and hot coffee before making our way back to the trolley for the City Park event.

And while I have no pictures to document most of the day, I know it was amazing. Because I stopped worrying about capturing every moment and just enjoyed every moment spent with the ones I love and watching the magic of the season come alive in each of them. 

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