Silent moments...

Every now and then it happens. The house becomes silent. And it's not because someone is covering someone else's face with a pillow to stifle their cries for help. Or because they've all committed some crime they're collectively trying to cover up. 

No, it's quiet because they are doing an activity. 
That they enjoy.
And are not fighting. 
Or making a mess. 


So, dear readers, I wanted to share this with you in case you need some quiet time, too. Emersyn got this Peel and Press stained glass kit for her birthday and really wanted to make a gift for her bestie at school. My favorite thing about this project was how easy it was for them to do it by themselves. There is a number guide that you place behind the picture so they didn't have to search for shapes. They took turns and just enjoyed doing it together - without me.

Radley even came over to see what the fun was all about. 

I then rediscovered these "mess-free" glitter stickers and was skeptical. 

At first Landry just peeled stickers and placed them on the glitter because if we're being honest, she was being quiet and didn't want to mess up the mojo. But I then showed them how you peel off parts and then rub the glitter portion over the sticker and I must admit, it was pretty fun! They loved them so much that some of these may end up in some stockings in the future. 

So, friends, if you need the Christmas miracle of silence, I say buy these. Or just use Radley's tactic... 

build a fort and hide.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those rare moments when there are children in the house. Aren't those precious ones? :)
    Hope you have a fun but less stressful Christmas ahead.