Warrior Mom...

Last week I had a moment.

I was frustrated. And overwhelmed. And angry. And sad. And possibly slightly hungry which just makes everything worse.

So I did what any normal momma would do and I sent a dear friend a text that basically said I was losing my shiz. That I couldn't do it. That I was falling apart and taking everything down with me. (Because we are nothing if not dramatic over here).

I said, "I need a pity party". And I told her what a warrior mom I thought she was.

And do you know what she told me?

Y'all. She had the nerve to say...

Well thank you, but no one ever tells you what a warrior mom you are. And I say that with all sincerity because yes, I get it. I get that it's exhausting to be mom and dad 80% of the time... Mornings are hard, and yet you get out of bed every damn day, put a smile (and a cute outfit) on and get 3 human beings out the door (to 2 different schools). Then you go to work all day, the easiest part of your day (bc instead of 3 kids asking you a million questions, you have 20 students asking you 100 questions). Pray with all your being that the school doesn't call bc we all know who would have to go pick up and nurse a sick kid...its you...you're the only option. You get out of work just in time to run to go do pick ups. Pick ups...AKA survival of the fittest with all the glitter papers, water cups, nap mats, gobs of homework, and jackets to sustain a 3rd world country. Put your smile back on, Mom, bc it's time to ask important questions and give important answers for the next 5-7 hours. You'll teach them about manners and geography and life lessons and God and spelling (and all in Spanish, mind you!)! Put a decent meal on the table (or a great meal on the table when you can muster up the energy) and remember that pancakes and bacon for dinner are good for the soul. Bathe them (or better yet, coach/yell at them until they figure out how to bathe and dress themselves). Clean up toys, clean up papers, clean up dishes, clean up shoes, clean up clothes, just clean up...or don't...(it's called being a normal person...and trust me, you're great at that too). Give all the hugs, read all the books, chase away all the fears, say all the prayers, negotiate all the water cups/extra hugs/I have to pee/just one more chapter. Then sit down and watch your show, or write that blog, or text back that friend, or get out the cute outfits for the next day, or wash your hair, or sleep. Sleep, dear warrior mom. Sleep, knowing that YOU DID IT! They survived another day. You survived another day.

You don't need a pity party. You need a celebration party. A celebration of the amazing mom and amazing wife and amazing friend and amazing daughter and amazing child to Him and amazing community member and amazing educator and amazing person you are.

Oh yeah. She said ALL that.

I cried big fat ugly tears in my kitchen. Right in front of those beautiful, messy, drive-me-crazy,  amazing kids of mine.

And they ate their cereal and asked me what was wrong.

And I said, "Nothing...nothing is wrong."

And they ate their cereal. And then someone got mad at someone else and the day continued. And I got front row seats to this wonderful life. And I wiped my tears and warriored on. (totally not a word)

So fellow warrior moms - let's do more of this mad love sharing. Let's make sure we let our fellow warriors know that we SEE them. That we UNDERSTAND them. That we PRAISE them. Let's take away the kryptonite of the messy rooms, rushed mornings, busy days, hectic nights and half-taken showers and instead feed their souls with the goodness of support, encouragement and maybe even help.

Let's show up. For each other and ourselves.

Let's spread the fierceness of being a warrior mom like a wildfire. I'm totally stealing Amber's words to make it easier for you to do just that...

Save this and post it on someone's FB page. Order that family a pizza and send this with the delivery man. Pop this in the mail with your bestie's favorite magazine.  Print it and tape it to your own mirror.

Warrior on.

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  1. A salute to all warrior moms. The world is a better place because of you.