Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emmy has been talking about her friend, Caleb, non-stop lately. Caleb was in her class at the Weekday School and Emersyn's "boyfriend". (Her description - NOT ours.) Andrea, Caleb's mom, and I were texting last week and decided to just meet for breakfast at Chic Fil A on Saturday. 

So we did. 

Caleb was so excited that he requested his hair to be combed and to wear "church clothes." Emersyn didn't know that he was coming so she was THRILLED when he got there. Giggling, chasing, and hugging ensued. 

For two hours we sat at Chic Fil A - and it was kind of awesome to just have that much "time" to chat it up with adults. 

When we were leaving Radley looked at Emersyn and said, "Go kiss your boyfriend goodbye."


We all got whiplash from our reactions. 

I quickly said, no ... don't. 

And then schedule talk with Radley about the "frightening big brother" role he is SUPPOSED to be playing here. 


**this one's being documented **just in case** they really get married**


  1. Oh no. Time flies swiftly, doesn't it?
    Hope they read this someday when they can appreciate it. :)
    Happy Christmas! :)

  2. And those 2 hours flew by! It was great catching up with y'all, especially this crazy time of the year! Merry Christmas and blessing to the King family!