This girl is five and a half today.

And I just can't comprehend where the time went. Can you believe that sweet baby on the right is this angelic child on the left?

Just yesterday I was putting her hair in her first pony tail. 

And now she has enough hair for a dozen pony tails. 

Just yesterday I was covering her head in bonnets. And now she accessorizes on her own. 

Just yesterday she fit in that tiny basket. Today she still fits in my arms. 

Her spunk and sass are two of my favorite things about her. 

From the moment she arrived, she always seemed to know something we didn't... she still does. She's still keeping just a little something to herself to surprise us with later. 

Whether it's recalling a funny memory, learning a new word in Spanish, or reminding us of something we forgot a long time ago... she's got a secret to her that I adore. 

She is so full of life...

and radiates joy.

She brings beauty to life and makes discoveries every day.

As full of attitude as she can be... 

She's 1000 times more sweet. 

She's caring and kind, genuine and gentle, loving and ever-so-loved. 

It seems like just yesterday we heard her first giggle, and now her laugh fills a room. 

She will forever be our miracle baby. The one we didn't know we were waiting on. The one that brings more joy than we can handle. The sweet surprise to life. Our Emersyn. Our petite package with a larger-than-life presence. 

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