12 Days Countdown (6, 5, 4)...

Our trip to Baton Rouge didn't stop our countdown...

Only 6 days until Christmas... it's time you paid a visit to Santa!

We had put this off far to long. We decided to forgo Santa's Wonderland this year since Ryan's been traveling so much and we were making the trip east to Louisiana but we knew we needed to visit the big guy so what better time than with our sweet Cousin Owen!

We took an actual picture with Santa, but I'm too lazy to download it from my hotmail account but know that he was a darling with actual rosy cheeks and took the time to talk to each kiddo. We were all smiles!

Only 5 days to Christmas... let's go look at some lights in NOLA!

The kids were so excited about this surprise day trip and I have to admit, I was too! I haven't been to NOLA since the Sugar Bowl in 1998 and for some reason, I just don't remember much about it. ;) 
We could have stayed on the trolly all day long and they would have been happy.

Our first stop was of course lunch where Emmy decided to have the ketchup marry the bottle of hot sauce, complete with a wedding gown. This girl cracks me up.   

We walked around where Radley made his debut as a street performer. They picked "the one with the hair", dubbed him "white chocolate" and then gave him $20 for his time. 

#notabaddayinNOLA #drinksonRad

We finally made our way back to City Park for the train ride through the park... 

we all fit... 

and managed to take some cute selfies, too!


The lights were so awesome and we're already planning our trip back.

Because any trip that gets kids to sleep like this is worth repeating. 

Only 4 days until Christmas... let's sleep under the tree!!

This is my favorite thing we do - I'd probably let them sleep under the tree every weekend but I kind of want to keep it special. 

The movie of choice was the Polar Express and they each took turns wrapping up gifts for Daddy and each other. It was an awesome night and a great way enter the home stretch of our countdown!

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