Crystal clear memories...

 I am a horrible photographer. 

I try real hard.

I know a little about the settings.

And I really want to take great pictures. 

But I just don't. 

Maybe one day I will actually sit down and read the manual for my camera or take a class or twist SGB's arm enough to the point that she will give in and give me some lessons (ehm...) but for now, I'll be content trying my best and laughing all the way to the results.

At least my subjects are adorable...

and take direction well.

And when I'm old and gray and have a life time of fuzzy pictures to reflect on, I'll just blame it on my ever decreasing eyesight.

Because the pictures in my heart will be crystal clear.

1 comment:

  1. I think you take fabulous pics!!! But, it is hard to take a bad pick of such a good-looking crew!