I am an all or nothing girl. If I give myself a little bit of leeway, then just run with it. For example: If I say "yes" to a "small" volunteer job that shouldn't take much time, I manage to come up with 437 different ways to make said job/activity bigger/better/grander and spend tons of time on it. {OR} If I tell myself I can have {A} cookie, I eat 10.

All or nothing.

So this year - I'm choosing nothing in three areas.


Yep. I am not going to spend money on clothes for me or the kids. I know. That is absolutely crazy talk. And basically impossible, but y'all - they have more clothes than they need. I could probably skip laundry for 3 weeks and they wouldn't run out of things to wear. (Sans undies and shorts for Rad).  I have created some rules (not exceptions - rules sound stricter and since I am a nerdy rule follower - it works).

  • Necessities - clearly if they outgrow something like shoes, undies, pants - then I will purchase. New bathing suits for the season will have to happen. 
  • Special Occasions - Radley has his first Communion at Easter; we will be getting some Easter dresses. 
  • Gifts - But really only if they've asked for a specific item. 
But the random drive-by in Target that turns into taking out the laundry detergent, toilet paper and tampons to make room for clothes that they "need"... nope. Not gonna do it.

(And now this just popped in my head)...


This is my attempt at curbing my eating out/stopping for coffee/buying that candy bar habit that adds up to big bucks. There is no need to run down Starbucks every single day for an Americana, no matter how much I need caffeine. Unless...
  • Planned in advance (lunch with friend, meeting with student)
  • Special occasion 
But even the lunch with a friend needs to be something celebratory. My friend group is aware of my goals and have been pretty darn great about supporting them. I don't mind packing a lunch and meeting them somewhere if they don't mind the weird friend that packs her lunch.


No more crap. Like things from the $1 spot at Target (I know, I'm crying a little bit), a new candle (because I have an entire cabinet of unburned candles) and even that darling new coffee mug with the cute saying - I am just saying no. Exceptions? I really can't think of any. I have considered what I'm going to do for Valentine's Day and I think I'm going to get creative because the last thing my children need is another gizmo, gadget or stuffed animal.

(At one time, you could actually buy this). 

{So, then what?}

What's the purpose of all this?? Really - its because I spend too much money on SWDN (that's Katy/Cindy shorthand for SH** we don't need). I justify small purchases because they are small but I'm walking around with electric tape on a black pair of heels because I don't like spending "a lot of money."

Now that's just dumb.

I also have reinforcements... I talked to the kids about my plan and they are the best little accountability partners. I let them know that anytime I really really really really want something enough to put in my cart that I will immediately withdraw that cash and put it in our vacation jar. They were sold.

So, I'm going to try this out and see how much I can save. See how much we can do without. And really see how much we actually need. I have a feeling those answers are lots, lots and little.

I'll keep you updated on my progress - I just put $5 in the CCC envelope today because I really really really really wanted a coffee from Starbucks. See? It's totally working!


  1. Love it! And, I'm completely seeing that less is more! Great job!

    1. We shall see - my goal isn't to NEVER shop/eat out/get stuff... but to harness all that senseless spending!