Friday Favorites: NEW YORK

Start spreading the news because we leave for the city that never sleeps TODAY! We are picking the kids up early from school, driving to the airport and gearing up for an extended weekend of fun, food, and family in what just happens to be my favorite city!

We lucked out and scored a fantastic deal on airline tickets and decided that this would be a great Christmas gift for the kids. They got 3 small gifts under the tree and they could not be more excited - they've already asked if they can get a trip again next year instead of presents. I'm thinking yes.

Since it's 11pm the night before we leave, I'm gonna keep this short... here's five reasons I LOVE NY...

1. It's my 2nd city...

So I claim NYC as my 2nd city, like the place I go more than anywhere else besides home. This trip will either be 12 or 13... and I'm sure my number will just continue to grow. I don't know everything there is to know about it, I haven't seen or done close to everything I could do, but I get there and I just breathe it all in. I'm comfortable there and I get to enjoy it all without worrying about anything else which is a ginormous perk when you're just visiting.

2. It's better with friends... 

Just like Carrie and her girls made us believe - NYC was meant for girlfriends. I just happen to be lucky enough to have one that lived there (and just moved to SanFran!) and makes sure when I'm there, I am home. 

3. You don't have to plan a thing to fall in love...

Cindy I visited the city in November 2013 and one afternoon happened upon this Italian restaurant. What started as a quick bite to eat turned into 2 or 3 hours of us gabbing away with Ernie, the bar tender. I love that... there is so much to see and but even more to discover!

4. It's a great place to take the kids... 

Seriously. There is so much to do here and there are actually TONS of FREE things to do here. (And yes, there is also tons of NOT free things to do here), but don't be afraid to visit because you have littles at home. We took Rad and Emmy when I was pregnant with Landry and we had the BEST time

Their favorite things were Central Park, the subway, and AMNH (which we are visiting again). 

5. It stays with you forever... 

I can name an amazing memory from each trip there. From my first visit to the Empire State Building, to getting lost in Central Park, eating dinner with the mob (true story, not an exaggeration), being interviewed by Fox Sports, watching a game in the original Yankee stadium, taking a tour, eating great food, watching two dear friends get married, walking around in the snow, getting stuck in a blizzard, kissing Ryan in the park, snuggling with the kids, watching the ball drop and so much more... this city has brought happiness to my life and memories that will last a life time. 

I happened to go during each pregnancy (even the baby we miscarried) and it wasn't at all a plan to do so. While there, I picked out an animal from FAO Schwartz and used it as the kids' monthly picture companion... this will last forever. 

The moments may not last, but the memories stick with you. I am grateful and happy and overjoyed to head back to my favorite city with my favorite people to do some of my favorite things - which even includes doing nothing at all. 

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I.can't.wait to hear all about it! Lunch/dinner next week?! :) And, you realize Shelly and I missed you and Cindy in the city by one month, right?! Maybe we can plan a trip for all of us to go back soon! Wouldn't that be amazing?! Can you imagine our beautifully bound itinerary? {insert Cindy and Shelly rolling their eyes here} But they love us anyway! You guys have a blast! And, please - do NOT get in cars with strangers!

    1. Haha - I guess you'll have to wait for the review posts to find out! :)

  2. I would really love to visit this place someday. Too many good things to try and see.

    1. It's my favorite city to visit - hope you get to go sometime and that you let me know when you do!

  3. I have only been twice but I would go over and over I love it so much