Tiny Tales Thursday...

At the end of each day on our trip, we would ask the kids what their favorite thing from that day was. It's funny what matters to kids...

Rad - Brooklyn Bridge
Emmy - Brooklyn Bridge when she got to ride in the stroller
Landry - falling asleep on Brooklyn bridge

Rad - Ocean movie at the museum
Emmy - Food court at the museum and drinking out of a tea cup
Landry - Chocolate milk at dinner and digging for dinosaurs at the museum

Rad - Seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Emmy - Seeing a "GIANT GREEN STAR!!" (And no, not in the sky, "Green Star" is the name of an animal that Santa brought her and we saw the giant version in a shop window and that was the highlight of her trip - ha!) 
Landry - Riding the train

When we ask them now...

Rad - just being able to go (such a sweet first born)
Emmy - eating "stones" and drinking from a pretty cup
Landry - seeing monkeys at the museum

May their memories always be so simple and happy!

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