Exclusive Access...

I got to attend an exclusive party for New Years - it was so secretive that only five people got to attend. 

The event crew took their jobs very seriously in preparation. 

And they used some awesome problem solving skills when they ran out of stickers. 

I had my own costume, hair and make-up team.
(Makeup color selection by Landry; Costume design by Emersyn, Hair by a random renegade curling iron in my drawer). 

All the guests were dressed in super-fancy, original clothes and the paparazzi was every where. 

Some of the younger crowd was kind of out of control.

But super cute!

CRAZY games were going on ... 

and there wasn't a more impressive fireworks show for miles. 

The divas made several costume changes.

And then things got really crazy.

Furniture was moved, popcorn was spilled, star glasses were pulled out. 

And most of all, love was shared and a happy, healthy New Year began!


  1. Ah! You guys are the best! And precious, might I add!

    1. It was a super fun night in - perfect actually! And I didn't "plan" a thing - funny how that works out? #beextra_ordinary

  2. I totally love that you let the kids handle the decor! So much fun. It was nice to have some time away but I missed the party with my littles.

    1. They were so freaking cute making that sign... they went on an errand with Ryan and when they got back I had added to the big crepe paper banners and Emersyn was all "OMGosh - MOM... that looks AMAZING!!!!" I love that I still fit into that pink dress! Ha!