Hi. It's Friday, which means it's time to get a glance of life from my phone...

My weekend started like any student organization advisor this year... being tortured by this in my car! #Whole30 arch nemesis and I stayed strong. Not one bite!

The adventure continued the next day in the middle of nowhere Texas (also known as Sommerville) and it was FREEZING, raining and there was no heat inside. Did I mention it was freezing? So me and the execs huddled up in my car and watched movies during free time. 

Later that night we huddled by the fire and then they let me impart some words of wisdom onto those freshmen. I talked about commitment and some questions you should ask before saying yes to something...

Do you Care about it?
What kind of Opportunity does it bring you?
Are you going to have some fun and Make Memories?
Are you just interested in it or will you act with Intention?
What will this commitment say about you and how will it Tell your story?

(the capitalized letters spell COMMIT). 

The next day Texas redeemed herself with some perfect hiking weather that we all enjoyed.

And then the Whole30 stars aligned and we discovered compliant NACHOS!!!

Y'all. I have NACHOS! This is everything. 

(recipe review coming soon)

Monday was a holiday so we headed up to the bowling alley for the 6th year in a row and while the Munsons were camping and couldn't hang with us, the kids were pumped to spend some time with the Prochazkas. 

Sage and Emersyn are pretty adorable. 

And as an extra treat - DADDY GOT TO JOIN US!

For $15 we got unlimited bowling, laser tag, mini golf AND a $5 game card. Y'all. This is amazing.

In case you missed Tuesday's post, I basically prove that I don't really have it all together. Which was supported that morning when I spilled coffee down my dress, had to change while the kids sat in the car, tripped while carrying Landry into school and didn't realize I had been wearing Emersyn's sunglasses all morning until I went to put them up and discovered my glasses were already in the holder. 


My kids LOVE acting out the pages of books. I LOVE it when my kids act out pages of books. 


"Mommy - don't these leopard shoes look so cute with this striped dress?"

Ummm. Yes. Yes they do. Shelly should be so proud. 


I'm so proud of more than just her style, too. Every day she comes home ready to tackle her daily journal and I love all the stories she tells and pictures she draws. They are given a daily prompt and then have to finish the sentence. This day was "How many people are in your family?" She spells the words by "stretching" her sounds... 

"Five pepl are in my famly."

My favorite may have been "What does your mom like to cook?" 

"My mom liks to cuk brussl sprowts."


Speaking of Whole30... y'all. These people must know something. I mean, as much as I hate to admit it, sugar, bread, milk, CHEESE are probably better in moderation. I haven't worn this skirt since grad school (which is longer ago than I'd like to admit) (#12years). I have no idea how much I weigh but my clothes fit better and I'm feeling great. 

So - STICK WITH IT y'all. Whatever your "it" may be... you CAN do this. Some days will suck. Some times you'll want "just one bite/cheat/sleep-in day/whatever". But stick with it. 

(Also, yes. I kept a skirt for 12 years that I haven't worn, but it's an awesome little wool A-line number from Banana, so I'm probably keeping it forever). 

I was all dressed up for this guy's (on the right) last big hoorah before we leaves us for Kentucky. Lyndon has been a constant support, inspiration, cheerleader, shoulder, anger manager, counselor, and on the occasion - beer drinking buddy. You know, my work spouse. And he's LEAVING ME. 

And worse, he won't even let me keep Austyn here. 

I mean, how precious is she?? She was my office mate for about 25 minutes until she woke up in a strange place with a strange lady and no parents to be found. Poor girl. 

Gosh, this couple. I love them so and will miss them dearly. Can't wait to see what blessings they bring to Kentucky through their work and their presence and their countless gifts. Brandy is one of the most genuine, caring, intelligent, loving, strong women I know and they are just a power couple of goodness. Pryors, you will be missed. Come back soon!

And that's us in an instant!

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