I'm going to try my hardest to update all of my Insta pics here every Friday this year. Try. (Although Yoda doesn't really dig that advice).

And you may not really care all that much, but if I put it in writing where other people see it, then I'm more likely to do it.

So. Here we go...

I'm back at Whole30 and this time super prepped because my sweet hubster bought me this book for Christmas. Y'all. Purchase this book now just to make the carnitas. Sooooooooo freaking amazing. Like my children couldn't eat this fast enough. And we had just enough left over the next day for my breakfast.

I'm gonna try to start a regular Whole30 series... if I do - what would you be interested in reading about? What's helpful for you? What inspiration do you want/need? Let me know!

This group is definitely a favorite of mine. Ryan and I made a resolution three years ago now to have a regular dinner party night with friends. These couples bring such joy to my life and these women in particular are such an amazing village for me. And, the food and wine is pretty awesome, too. 

This is seriously one of the easiest, tastiest, go to Whole30 meals ever. (And I made it up, y'all. #professionalchef #foodie #hungryallthetime)

1 bag pre cut fresh green beans1 roasted chickenMinced garlic to taste Cashews

Heat EVOO in skillet and add green beans and garlic... Cook until tender, add chicken and cashews until heated through. And done. I add some clarified butter on top for a little extra buttery flavor. 

This girl could just draw pictures all day long. She's always creating things and wanting to make things for us and it's basically adorable. And the complete opposite of any strength I have which makes it that much more amazing to me.

This one, on the other hand, is completely my child. He is borderline anemic just like me and we had been noticing that his eyes were a little dark so he had to get some blood drawn to check his levels. He hates this but he did such a great job and powered through. Prayers would be appreciated.

Sometimes you just need a random ice cream sundae. 

I found these in my computer case 😍 I mean - how cute is she? That rendition of my car is pretty awesome! (note reads: I love spending time with my family. Emmy)

The day had FINALLY arrived... we were off to NEW YORK!!!!

We busted the bigs out early and were on the way....

The trip could have ended here and they would have been happy because #flying #likeabirdMommy #theydidntsleepONEwink #RyanandItotallysnoozed

And if you ever get the chance to fly into Manhattan at night then take it because there's nothing like these city lights.

And that's us in an instant!

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  1. Poor Rad...that is exactly how I feel about getting my blood drawn and I am always borderline anemic too.

    1. He's gotta go in for a second round... and he's not a happy camper. :(

  2. I need to see a lot less insta and a lot more of you in person, K?! You, me, Napa Flats some time soon?!

  3. Those are great photos. Lovely smiles. :)