Just us...

I love having my house filled with people. I love getting everything set up, I love cleaning and arranging and lighting candles and taking the time to make even the smallest things special. I love when people feel at home enough to just walk in, kick off their shoes and hang out. I SUPER love it when people don't feel like they need an invitation and just SHOW UP (more on this later). I love cooking a big old giant meal and watching people love it. I get it from my momma... ours was an ever-revolving door of kids, teenagers and grownups. I loved it. 

But sometimes, it's nice to just hang out with these 3. Emersyn asked Santa for a picnic basket on CHRISTMAS EVE and he totally delivered. "His" attic is full of some amazing things. 

I love watching the biggest play with the littlest. 

I love the middlest and her daddy.

I love the giggles...

and the random games they come up with.

I love the nights of nothing at all. 

And I love that I have a front row seat.

Oh yes, a house full of people is awesome... but a night with just us is perfection. 

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