Momfessional Moments...

Happy Tuesday everyone! This is seriously one of my favorite link-ups. If you don't read Andrea's blog, then you are missing out. She is a mom of 3, middle school math teacher (bless), can craft anything, super creative, a loving friend and also manages to blog regularly. She has super fun link-ups and today is one of my favorite because its when all us moms go through and confess all the crazy things we have done/will continue to do. If you missed my first Momfessional, read it here and then feel better about your parenting skills.


So, for today's confession....
  1. Sometimes I wait until 5:30 to pick up Landry so that we get stuck in the "College Station" traffic on the drive home; we arrive home around 6:15 which means I only have an hour and a half to really have to "parent" before putting them to bed
  2. I only bathe the kids every other day at most - except in summer and that's only because of the bug spray/sunscreen combo and sometimes that's just hosing them down with water
  3. I have a "7 minute rule" when we get home - the kids can't ask me questions for the first seven minutes we walk in the door; gives me time to put my stuff away, change clothes, and just breathe - the new version of "7 minutes in heaven" 
  4. I have no idea where I came up with the number 7 for the rule above
  5. Sometimes I lie and really take 10 minutes
  6. Landry was watching Sophia the First the other day and got bored with an episode before it was finished so she turned it off ... I totally watched the ending later that day because I just HAD to know what kind of tea party she was going to throw.
  7. I am a "bed maker" meaning beds HAVE to be made every day. I don't care if the pillows are crazy or the sheets aren't perfect but I need the bed made. The kids make their own beds except on Thursdays which is "free day" and Fridays when I do it for them. But y'all...since Ryan has been traveling so much, I have quit making my bed every day - it's CRAZY. But I won't let the kids see my bed unmade so they won't know my secret. #welcometomybrain #KKcraycray 
  8. Emmy likes to sleep on top of her bed - she has figured out this means she doesn't have to make it in the mornings. I let her because #lazy.
  9. Landry has picked up on this and is joining the trend. 
  10. I will make my girls wear shorts under their dresses until they are no longer living in my house. And even then, I'll probably mail them some shorties. 
  11. Speaking of clothes... I still rock tons of maternity tops because they were expensive, they are darling and they are so long they cover all the bits. #priorities
  12. If the kids see their artwork from school in the recycle, I blame it on Ryan...every.single.time. 
  13.  We clean the house on Thursday nights - that way we don't waste any time during the weekend doing things that nobody loves to do. Except me. I love to clean. I would buy carpet that had vacuum lines permanently engrained in it. 
  14. I still haven't printed Landry's 1 year baby book. 
  15. I tell the kids they don't like certain kinds of candy (even if they've never tried it) so I can keep it for myself when they get it from friends at holidays. :) 
  16. If we have a ton of dishes in the sink and it's nap time and the kids are cranksters, I won't let them nap until after the dishes are done so I don't waste napping hours on housework. 
  17. I am attached to their clothes and have a hard time getting rid of items even if they only wore them once. 
  18. We have breakfast for dinner almost every single Thursday.
  19. My kids know every single word to Seasons of Love, American Pie, Earl had to Die, and Hello. We listen to all kinds of music, Sinatra, Swift, Aerosmith, Milsap... everything is fair game. Right now the RENT soundtrack has been on repeat in my car and I'll just turn down the volume on the really obscene parts... I figure it's art so it's totally acceptable.
  20. I think our generation is too cautious as parents - I let my kids play in the front yard without me watching and expect them to follow specific rules. When I was little we could go as far as my Dad's whistle, I will set the same rule for the kids when they each turn 10. 
  21. I can whistle really loud. 
  22. The kids have to eat in the cafeteria every Wednesday since it's hamburger day so I get a day off from making lunches. 
  23. I'm reading Harry Potter for the first time ever along with Radley and we are almost finished with The Sorcerers Stone ... I am DYING to finish it but I won't read it without him. 
  24. Sometimes I just want one more baby.
  25. And then Landry goes to the bathroom all by herself.
  26. And then that feeling goes away.

Happy Tuesday! Head on over to Andrea's for even more laugh out loud hysterical Momfessionals!


  1. I agree with #20. I let Violette play all over the neighborhood with 1 rule: she has to check in everytime she goes to a new place (ie the park, into a friend's house)

  2. Found your blog via the link-up! I can relate to so many of these...especially wearing maternity tops and wanting to have another baby! (And then having second thoughts) Cute read!

    1. I almost bought a maternity top the other day because it was so darn cute! Thanks for stopping by! I love this link-up day!

  3. Found your blog via link-up!
    I love that your kids know the words to all those songs! I also completely related to the candy thing!

    1. We love to sing loud and off key around here! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I totally am guilty of letting my kids sleep in their clothes for the next day to save time! Love your list momma....and I seriously wish I could think of some funny shit to say when these things come up but I was just blank I tell ya..blank.

    1. Ummmm....Radley came out of his room dressed for bed and said, "Can I PUH-LEASE wear the clothes I want to wear to school tomorrow so I save time in the morning?" Thought of you and immediately said yes. :)

  5. "The new version of "7 minutes in heaven"=hilarious! I gave you a virtual high five on so many of these!!

    1. Haha - thanks! It really does wonders for our evening if I can just get settled and then proceed with what's next!

  6. My girls all still wear shorts under their dresses (and one isn't in my house anymore).

    1. Good to know, Kristie! It bothers me so much when girls don't have on little shorts under dresses! Miss you, friend!

  7. Too funny that your little sleeps on top of her covers! There has to be some kind of genius in that! :)