Tiny Tales Thursday...

So, I have this thing. I know - you're shocked.

I can't really stand it when people touch their face for an extended period of time. It ranks up there with people that pick their fingernails. Or chew loudly.

And this feeling is exacerbated when it's Ryan. So on the way home from the airport on Tuesday he needed a tissue to, ehm, set a bat free from his cage. And this took FIFTEEN MINUTES. (or seconds, but whatever).

And it was driving me crazy.

Like crazy, y'all.

So I was all, "OH MY LORD - enough already! That is GROSS... QUIT! I am Der-EYE-ving here."

(yes, that dramatic).

When from the back seat Emersyn pipes up, "It's ok, Daddy... I pick my boogers all the time!"

And we all died from laughter.

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