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Happy New Year and welcome back to Queen Bees! Shelly and I have been planning ways to make this little link-up grow so that we can get more and more women talking, encouraging, praising and sharing other women! Remember, this is a place to come and share inspiring stories, words of wisdom, lessons learned, trials survived, victories won – grab all the seats you have because there is room for every one at this table, y’all!

We thought that it may be helpful to have categories for the year in case you need a little nudge or inspiration to get to sharing! So each month we will give you a prompt for next month’s link-up! Make sense? Good, because we are so excited about next month...

Do you know someone that does a great job of LOVING others?? A friend that constantly supports and encourages her husband, children and/or friends? Someone that spreads the truth by being a light? Share her with us!! (Cause I may or may not need some help in that area!)We can’t wait to hear all about these inspiring women and learn something from them that we can do in our lives, too!

Ok, let's get today's party started! This month I want to take a minute to brag about my sweet sister-in-law, Sonya. She is kind of your regular, run-of-the-mill bad ass. ;) 

For starters, she’s been putting up with my big brother for almost 13 years....

I could stop there because the woman deserves a trophy. (Just kidding, Jody… ) Seriously though, she’s just an awesome mom, daughter, sister, friend and wife. She can literally handle anything. For example: the first time she met us was at my cousins wedding, which meant she met OUR ENTIRE FAMILY AT ONCE. Y'all. We are A LOT to take in. And she did... with style:

Circa 2001, I believe? 

And if that wasn't enough, she gave me the cutest nephew in the history of the world, ever. The end.

Radley and the girls ADORE "big cousin Owen"...

especially Radley... 

But this is a post about Sonya. So let's begin with what she does... She takes care of everyone she knows and she’ll adopt ya if she doesn’t. Owen adores his momma and it’s easy to see why. She would give the whole world to Jody and Owen if she could – putting them first and making sure their needs are met.

She runs Norco’s Famous 6th Street Deli in Norco, Ca… and let me tell you that if you are ever near or around that area – it’s worth a visit. Nothing on the menu that I don’t LOVE  - I beg her all the time to figure out a way to mail me their BLTA on squaw bread. Heaven on toast. And believe me, this is more than just making sandwiches – it’s catering events, weddings, business meetings, parties, community gatherings, you name it. There is nothing that they can’t do! I love visiting and just watching the place come to life - she runs a tight ship but she has created a family of employees that love each other and that comes from great leadership. 

On top of being a #girlboss, she’s just one of the kindest people you will meet. Now don’t get me wrong, she WILL say what’s on her mind but I love that about her, too. She isn't false about anything and gives her whole heart into everything she does. She never sits around and waits for someone to ask for help – she’s always cooking, cleaning, arranging, planning, doing for others. She comes to Texas for a visit, walks in, gives hugs and starts cooking. She takes something and runs with it - she leads and loves. She does her darnedest to make sure that everyone is having fun. 

What I love about her most? There is nothing that she can’t do or won’t try. She’s confident and fearless. She’s honest and kind. She’s always willing to go the extra mile. She’s beautiful inside and out. She’s determined and spirited and witty and wise. She can also double fist. ;)

But above everything else... she’s family.

And I am so glad she is. 

Sonya Blade, I hope you know just how loved, admired and adored you are! Now get your booty to Texas - I have a great location for a deli! :)

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  1. Such love written here. I remember my sister-in-law, she's passed now, too young. Yours reminds me a lot of mine. Enjoyed reading this.

    1. Sonya is the greatest - truly so lucky to have her as mine. Thanks for stopping by and linking up, Michelle!