Tiny Tales Thursday...

Ok, last NYC story, I promise.

I just forgot to write this one down and didn't want to forget it.

So, Landry took full advantage of her role as baby on this trip. She knows how to work the system to get big brother and sister to give in to her every desire. Emmy was basically the sweetest and let Landry monopolize the stroller or being carried by Ryan 97% of the trip. But after our last meal at Serendipity, Ryan promised Emersyn that he could carry her "the WHOLE way home".

(Which was a total of 4 blocks).

Landry was clearly not a fan.

She was crying and so depressed and just could.not.go.on.

Me: Landry - you are going to survive.
Me: Landry, you're being ridiculous.
Me: Landry, your daddy has carried you the whole trip. It's Emmys turn.
Landry: Sniff sniff But he sniff put me down sniff like A MILLION times. sniff 
Me: Uncontrollable laughter.

Life's hard as a threenager.

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