NYC: Behind the lens

I want to let you in on a little secret - it's not all puppy dog tails and fairy tales around here. All these posts and instagram pictures are real life, but there's also LOTS that happens that you don't see. And lately I've gotten lots of "your life always looks so perfect" which is great to hear but also not true. And I'm pretty big on being true, so I'm going to give you a behind the scenes look into We5Kings. 

Our New York trip was one for the books - lots of fun, lots of memories, lots that we got to see and do and eat! And there was also LOTS  of arguing, tears, and fits. And the kids were annoying, too. 


For example - this cannoli. Y'all. You would have thought that this was the last piece of food on the face of the earth. And while Grimaldi's makes an amazing cannoli, I basically told them I would leave them on the Brooklyn Bridge if they didn't quit being so selfish. 

And I wasn't lying. We used the "we will leave you right here" threat about 173 times in 4 days. 

At the park when they couldn't figure out how to take turns.
At the museum when they needed 17 different toys.
On the bridge. And maybe even the subway.

The trip high came when I walked away. They were stunned but miraculously managed to be kinder.

Speaking of leaving them there - I can't even count the number of times we walked a good 15 yards away from Landry when she decided walking wasn't an option. We brought a stroller - as in one. It sat one. We have two small girls. Do the math and guess how that worked out. Emersyn basically threatened to call CPS on us, "Mom - she's a BABY - I'll just let her ride in the stroller. It's FINE. Now GO GET LANDRY." 

Yeah, those smiles are full of lies. That's how they reel you in...like miniature evil hypnotists making you believe they're sugar and spice and all things nice. 

For the most part, they were amazing travel buddies. Especially this kid. A trooper walking all those miles...

Meanwhile, these 3 grabbed shut eye wherever they could. 
(And who could blame them?) 

So the truth is, it's not all perfect around here. But you know what? That's perfectly fine with me. All of our crazy, all of our loud, all of our imperfections are the sweetest part of We5Kings. 

Now, for all of you that have asked for some NYC travel tips with kids... 

  1. Do what your kids can handle - don't set unrealistic expectations for their age and be okay with not doing it all because... 
  2. Remember that you can always come back
  3. Pack snacks and water
  4. Don't forget to bring them :)
  5. Stay somewhere that either has breakfast included or where you can make it yourself
  6. Buy AMNH tickets online - we bought the "plus one" tickets because we didn't think the kids would want to sit through more than one show. We were correct, but if you have an older crowd that moves quicker, then you may be able to make more shows.
  7. Buy Statue of Liberty tickets there - we saved $50 doing this and since we were on the first ferry there was virtually no wait.
  8. Check TKTS in the morning for matinee tickets; after 3pm for evening tickets
  9. Ask the kids what they want to do - you'll be surprised how simple they are to please
  10. End your trip at Serendipity. 
  11. Eat something from the street. 
  12. Have fun.
  13. And enjoy every bit of the crazy in between!


  1. I'm seriously dying to take my kids to NYC now

  2. May I be so bold as to add one more tip? And the goes for any trip, especially if you are located on the West Coast. where things are a little "younger" than the east. Or in Europe or any country for that matter, older than, oh let's say, 240 years!

    Take a moment and Look Up!!!

    The architecture in NYC and other East Coast destinations (DC for example) is stunning. Same goes for outside the USA. The buildings, their aprons, buttresses, porticos and pilasters, heck even the gutters and spouts can be amazing. Take the Gargoyles that adorn Notre Dame that served as the spouts for rain ruin off and warded off evil. It is fascinating, beautiful and not to be missed. It is a great way to get a little rest while sitting on a bench in Central Park enjoying the skyline (East or West)!

    1. So true! We had such fun looking at all the beautiful structures and built lots of "NY Cities" when we got home!