Coach King...

Soccer season is back in the swing of things for spring which means we are all resuming our normal positions. While I was busy snapping pictures, Emersyn was dressed to play....

Landry had settled in as snack taster...

and Ryan was on the field with his new assistant, Radley. Yep, Coach King has stepped up his game and is now coaching both Radley and Emersyn. And I'll admit when he signed up (without really letting me know), I instantly thought, "Great. That's just one more thing to do/plan/organize/attend". 

And I shouldn't have done that. Instead I should have thought, that's one more opportunity for him to influence the kids. That's one more way for us to give back. That's one more night together as a family. That's one more way that he gets to show our kiddos that he loves them.

And is there really too many ways to do that?

Seeing him out there is always fun - I love watching him do something he loves. I love knowing that he's using his skills in a positive way. I love knowing that this is his opportunity to be a servant leader and model the way not just for our kids, but for the kids in our community. 

And I loved the smile on her face with her Daddy as her coach.

Because when she gets to be as big as this kid, his stance gets sturdier, his voice gets deeper, his expectations get higher and his rules get stricter. 

But his love for the game, and our kids never fails. 

And the smiles are still on the face of those players - even after a not-so-great game. 

Husband. Father. Friend. Coach. 

What a gift he is to me. 

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  1. Ah you're so blessed. You've got everything you need in one.
    Look at those lovely smiles on their faces. Oh, to be a child again.